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The Matterhorn Mix

with Hammi Bilkha

Genre (Pre-Recorded)

The Matterhorn Mix Playing 90's 00's Euro Dance Music! Thursday 6-8pm

Sunset 1947228 960 720
The Matterhorn Mix has made it's way from one U.K. to the other. WRFL Lexington's resident British Radio DJ Hammi Bilkha, takes you back to the Balearic beat! Welcome to club classics with the Ibiza sounds from the 90's and naughty's. We don't just do Mash-up's we do Smash-up's. From Cafe Del Mar to Cafe Mambo, from Ministry of Sound to Hed Kandi we take a musical tour that spans two decades of the White Island and its groove collective dance music.
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Artist Track Album Show Time
WRFL DJ's Pre-Recorded Programming WRFL The Matterhorn Mix Fri, Jun 11, 2021
12:05 PM
Artist: WRFL DJ's
Track: Pre-Recorded Programming
Album: WRFL
Show: The Matterhorn Mix
Time: Fri, Jun 11, 2021, 12:05 PM